What is AI in Education?

AI in Education is a cross-sector initiative conceived by Sir Anthony Seldon, who has a long interest in AI. It was announced at a conference on AI in education held at Epsom College on 18 May 2023, and in a letter signed by 60 school leader signatories to The Times on 20 May. The story made front page news.

The initiative was instigated by Bourne Education Trust (BET), a multi academy trust, and Epsom College. It brings together senior and experienced figures who have worked in both the state and independent sectors.

It is motivated by a belief that if schools and colleges are to optimise the benefits of AI they will need to supplement guidance from the government and tech industry to provide real-time, specific and informed advice to the sector.

Our Mission

We aim to ensure that AI will maximise the interests of all involved in education, students, teachers, support staff, parents, governors and the wider community.

We want to do so by ensuring that AI enhances human intelligence and experience, and does so in a way that above all is to the benefit of the most vulnerable – including those with the least means, additional learning needs and those from diverse backgrounds.
We are very clear of the risks of AI, which are very real.
Infantilisation of students (and staff)
Moral risk, not least through deep fake
Perceptions about cheating and dishonesty
Lack of responsibility – or answers to the question : who is in charge?
Impact on jobs
The gains are many, but will only be realised if the risks are understood and addressed:
Personalised tuition
Personalised formative assessment
Opportunities for AI facilitated VR to enhance student experience of a range of STEM, social science and humanities subjects
Enhanced opportunities for students to learn at their own time, in their own way
Increased efficiency of teachers’ preparation, delivery, assessment and reporting

Meet the Panels

The Practitioners Panel

Creating AI programs, exchanging best practices, and improving the student/teacher experience.

Chaired by Richard Alton, Head of Digital Education, Epsom College, and Chris Goodall, Head of Digital Education, Bourne Education Trust; this body consists of teachers with expert technical knowledge from both the state and independent sectors.
The Practitioners Panel

Creating AI programs, exchanging best practices, and improving the student/teacher experience.

The Student Panel

Representing student perspectives, contributing to the development of AI strategies.

The Political Advisers Panel

Ensuring the political perspective is
made available to all panels.

The Advisory Panel

Providing expert guidance on the technical aspects of AI in education.

The Strategy Panel

Setting the overall purpose, strategy
and tone of our work.

The Examiners Panel

Providing expertise and insights into how AI is influencing exam board thinking.