Navigating AI's
Benefits & Challenges

As leaders in state and independent schools and colleges in Britain, we believe AI has the potential to be the greatest benefit but also the greatest threat to our students, staff and schools.

Schools and colleges are bewildered by the very fast rate of change in AI, and seek secure guidance and counsel on the best way forward. But whose advice can we trust?

The truth is that AI is moving far too quickly for government or parliament alone to provide the real time advice that schools need.

Cross-Sector & Independent

AI in Education is an independent, cross-sector body. It is composed of leading teachers in schools and colleges from all sectors and settings, as well as heads of each of the UK's examination boards. Their work is guided by a panel of independent digital and AI experts and a cross-party group of political advisers who will advise schools on which AI developments are likely to be beneficial, and which may be damaging.

We believe this collective initiative by schools, colleges and examiners will ensure that we can maximise the vast benefits of AI across education, while minimising the very real and present hazards and dangers.

Guarding Against Infantilisation

The greatest threat for teachers and pupils alike is infantilisation. Human beings are at their best when they are challenged and overcome those challenges. AI will make life easy and strip away learning and teaching — unless we get ahead of it.

Embracing Technology for Enriched Interactions

At best, technology will speed up heavy lifting and learning and free up teaching time so there can be more interpersonal contact such as debates, lectures, group problem-solving activities, arts and drama.

Navigating Virtual
& Augmented Reality

The concern is that young people will lose touch with reality, spending too much time interacting with AR and VR. As learning becomes more technological, their grasp of what is real and what is normal, what is true and untrue, will be progressively eroded.