Student Panel

Chaired by a student leader and a senior school leader, the Students Panel is responsible for representing student perspectives and contributing to the development of AI strategies in education. This panel will offer valuable insights into how AI impacts student learning, well-being, and future prospects, while also serving as a body to articulate the experiences, concerns, and ideas of students regarding AI in education.

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The Students Panel aims to offer a comprehensive perspective on the effects of AI on student learning, well-being, and future prospects. The panel will engage in discussions, provide feedback on AI implementations, and ensure that student interests are represented in AI-related educational decisions. It will collaborate with other panels to ensure that student voices are considered in strategic planning and execution of AI initiatives in education.


The Students Panel’s scope involves understanding and communicating the impact of AI on student experiences in the educational landscape. It will provide feedback on AI initiatives and programs from a student’s perspective and serve as a channel for student views, ensuring that their perspectives influence the broader AI strategy in education.

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Jake and Bella
Panel Co-Chair and Student Leader
Panel Co-Chair and Deputy Headteacher
The Matthew Arnold School
Student Panel

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