AI in Education Working with Government 

Event Description

From the moment that we were founded in May 2023 after a landmark conference at Epsom College in Surrey, we have worked closely with government ministers and officials. More recently, the pioneering education minister Baroness Barran spoke on evolving thinking at a conference at Epsom College in November 2023. Our aim is to work with government and all other parties to ensure that, as AI is introduced into education, it is in the interests of all learners, especially the most disadvantaged. 

A particular concern has been to try to bring ed tech companies together and to see them working more closely with school leaders and teachers, to help ensure that AI products coming onto the market genuinely assist learning and are supportive of young people's mental health. After various false starts by us to initiate such a forum with Education Secretaries prior to Gillian Keegan, we were delighted that government responded with a round table held at the Cabinet Office on Wednesday 17th April, jointly chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden and by Gillian Keegan herself.

The irony of us meeting to discuss something so much about the present and future in the most historic room in the Cabinet Office with the Royal throne, last used when George III attended cabinet in the late 18th century, was not missed on the 20 or so participants from across politics, education and technology. 

By all accounts, it was a remarkably positive meeting of minds, with a common determination to hunt for the evidence of where AI is already making a significant difference to boosting pupil attainment and success and discussing how that knowledge can best be disseminated.

Anthony Seldon