DfE: Generative AI in Education Report

Event Description

The DfE has published a new research report on generative AI in education (January 2024). Key findings include:


1. Rapid Increase in GenAI Usage:

By November 2023, 42% of primary and secondary teachers had used GenAI, a significant increase from 17% in April. Among online UK youths aged 16-24, 74% have used a GenAI tool.


2. Applications and Impact on Education:

Educators are leveraging GenAI primarily for creating lesson resources, planning lessons, and streamlining administrative tasks.


3. Risks and Challenges:

Concerns include academic malpractice, over-reliance on GenAI by students, ethical and safety risks, and data privacy issues. There's also scepticism about whether the potential benefits of GenAI can be fully realised due to adoption barriers like lack of knowledge, poor digital skills, and infrastructure.


4. Government and Sector Support:

There's an appetite for government support to ensure safe, effective GenAI adoption in education, aligned with good pedagogy. The need for an impartial evidence base to understand GenAI's impact on education is emphasised.


5. Diverse Views on Impact:

Teachers and experts acknowledge GenAI's potential transformative impact on education, from time-saving automations to personalised learning enhancements, balanced with considerable concern about the risks and challenges it presents.

Download the full report using the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/generative-ai-in-education-educator-and-expert-views?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=govuk-notifications-topic&utm_source=8aa597f7-3ca6-4a93-bbb8-185b097779e5&utm_content=immediately&utm_source=CST+member+updates&utm_campaign=b40aa4c273-member-update_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_152f885dbe-b40aa4c273-620887049