Our Five Key Priority Areas for 2024

Event Description


We collaborate with educators, researchers, policymakers, and industry partners, to explore the opportunities and challenges of AI in education. We are committed to advancing AI in education through active participation in both national and international research projects, with a specific emphasis on the development of practitioner case studies to showcase the best practices and lessons learned from implementing AI in education. Additionally, we aim to foster student involvement through our student panel, representative of a range of phases and sectors, by incorporating their perspectives into the use of AI in educational settings to directly meet student needs.


Practical Support

We promote the practical use of AI in education as we develop training programs, workshops and hackathons. These initiatives provide tangible skills and experience with applying AI in our diverse education settings. We develop AI literacy resources designed to close knowledge gaps for teachers, administrators, students and other stakeholders in education.


Expert Guidance

We offer expert panel guidance, frameworks and thought leadership on crucial areas around AI in education. These areas may include principles for evaluating and procuring commercial AI products; mitigating bias and ensuring fairness in AI systems; establishing ethical AI principles tailored to learning environments; understanding issues with AI plagiarism detection; and more. We distil complex issues into actionable advice for practitioners.



We engage in innovative projects exploring emerging AI applications and future trends poised to impact education, keeping stakeholders at the forefront through our work on cutting-edge AI solutions for learning environments.


Community Building

Through diverse events and ongoing communication, we inform and enhance the knowledge and implementation of AI in education. We facilitate networking and collaboration among our community members, to share their experiences and insights. This collaborative approach ensures a well-informed and engaged community that is prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in education.