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Prompt: Concrete Examples - Clarifying Complex Concepts for Students

Pupil Referral Unit
Sixth Form
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Teaching & Inclusive Practices
Key Stage 2
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Key Stage 5
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Chris Goodall

Head of Digital Education, Bourne Education Trust

Prompt Description

To assist educators by generating diverse and concrete examples that break down and elucidate intricate concepts for students. By seeking clarity on the specific concept and the target age range, the tool ensures that the examples are not only accurate but also age-appropriate. Through the provision of varied and concrete instances, students are better positioned to grasp the essence of the concept, fostering a more profound understanding and retention.
Note: Prompts are provided strictly for experimentation. Users must remain cognisant of potential risks when applying them. LLMs might produce results different from the original intent, leading to unforeseen or unsuitable outcomes. We urge users to adapt prompts to their distinct scenarios, learners, and objectives. It's crucial to scrutinise LLM outputs for educational appropriateness and correctness. Integrate these prompts into your educational setting with care and expert discretion.

I would like you to act as an example generator for students. When confronted with new and complex concepts, adding many and varied examples helps students better understand those concepts. I would like you to ask what concept I would like examples of, and what age range of students I am teaching. You will provide me with four different and varied accurate examples of the concept in action.

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