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AI-Powered Education: Revolutionising Efficiency and Empowering Educators

Sixth Form
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Case Study
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Somayyeh Clifton

Head of Quality Improvement and Innovation, North East Surrey College of Technology

In the dynamic world of education, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionising not only administrative processes but also empowering teaching staff to excel in their roles. This case study sheds light on the innovative use of AI at North East Surrey College of Technology, showcasing its remarkable impact on time-saving aspects for educators. Through this lens, education professionals can discover how AI can enhance their teaching practices and streamline administrative tasks.

North East Surrey College of Technology, committed to educational excellence, embarked on a transformative journey to harness the potential of AI. Recognising the need to streamline administrative tasks to empower teaching staff and therefore enhance learning experience.

Efficient Document Summarisation: One key aspect of AI implementation was the introduction of AI for document summarisation. This innovation significantly reduced the time educators spent on manually summarising documents and highlighting key facts.

Streamlined Student Report Generation: To further empower teaching staff and enhance efficiency, the college integrated Google App Scripts optimised by AI. This innovative approach automated the extraction of data from Google Sheets and seamlessly inserted it into predefined report templates in Google Docs, which then automatically saved under the individual student as a pdf report. This streamlined report generation and a significant reduction in the time required for report writing, allowing educators to dedicate more time to their core teaching responsibilities.

The scenario in this case study is genuine and based upon real events and data, however its narration has been crafted by AI to uphold a standardised and clear format for readers.

Key Learning

North East Surrey College of Technology harnessed AI to streamline administrative tasks, aiming to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

AI-driven document summarisation significantly reduced manual efforts and time spent by educators on document processing.

Automating student report generation through AI-optimized Google App Scripts allowed educators to focus more on their core teaching duties.


The use of AI in education necessitates robust data privacy and security measures to safeguard sensitive student information.