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An AI DBS Check - Human In the Loop

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Chris Goodall

Head of Digital Education, Bourne Education Trust

This piece compares the human DBS check with one needed when using AI in schools. It stresses the importance of human oversight in AI interactions, promoting responsible and safe AI use for educational purposes.

Anyone that works in a school (UK) needs a DBS check. ✅️

AI is our new teaching assistant and so should be no different:

D - Data Protection

No student data, staff data or school data should be entered into AI. Anonymise data before use.

B - Bias

Remember to consider AI bias in the output. A way to do this is to consider using 'custom instructions' in ChatGPT to always point out potential bias in every output

(Go to settings/custom instructions and paste the below in the 'how would you like ChatGPT to respond' section).

Example Custom Instructions (Adjust as required):Identify potential biases. Organise your response under the following headings: 'Sections of Text Identified', 'Reason for Identification', 'Possible Bias Identified', and 'Alternative points of view'. Adapt these instructions uniquely for every interaction so that the purpose of identifying, explaining and educating me about biases in your responses is fully fulfilled.

S - Source, Safety and Suitability

AI hallucinates so always check sources or reliability of the response. Check the output is safe and suitable for educational use.

DBS check complete ✅️

The human in the loop (HITL) is the most important factor. Always get staff to run a DBS check on every AI interaction.

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