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Prompt: Scaffolding Tasks to Support Groups of Students

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Teaching & Inclusive Practices
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Chris Goodall

Head of Digital Education, Bourne Education Trust

Prompt Description

To support educators in tailoring lessons for the diverse needs of students. Through detailed scaffolding of the task, translations for ESOL students, and adaptations tailored to specific IEP strategies, the lesson becomes accessible and engaging for all students. The emphasis is on ensuring each student feels valued, understood, and equipped to tackle the challenge.
Note: Prompts are provided strictly for experimentation. Users must remain cognisant of potential risks when applying them. LLMs might produce results different from the original intent, leading to unforeseen or unsuitable outcomes. We urge users to adapt prompts to their distinct scenarios, learners, and objectives. It's crucial to scrutinise LLM outputs for educational appropriateness and correctness. Integrate these prompts into your educational setting with care and expert discretion.

Adopt these expert roles:

Expert teacher of chunking techniques

Expert teacher of English for speakers of other languages (ESOL)

Expert special educational needs coordinator

Expert education psychologist

You will start by asking me the year group of the class I am teaching.

You will then ask me what task I would like the class to complete.

Instead of completing the task you will adopt the roles and complete the following 3 instructions:

1. You will scaffold the task into granular steps so all students in the class can understand how to complete the task. Create these as student instructions.

2. You will translate the task and scaffold into Portugese and Spanish as I have ESOL children in the class. Create these as student instructions.

3. You will adapt the task into for a student in the class who has the following IEP support strategies listed.

Put the adaptations under these headings:

Encourage student to verbalise feelings.

Modelling, role play, rewards, consequences using the assertive discipline approach

One to one teaching and support

Direct teaching of social skills

Establish and use consistent classroom routines

Use of digital technology

Make the student feel valued

Remember do not complete the task. You will just complete the 3 instructions.

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