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AI and Teacher Workload - A study on the use of TeachMateAI in Curriculum Planning and Resourcing.

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Teaching & Inclusive Practices
Key Stage 2
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Case Study
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Amy Wells


For the past two months, we have been integrating TeachMateAI as an AI tool for lesson planning and resource management. The aim of using AI in this context is to augment the expertise of teachers, not to replace it. During this period, TeachMateAI has enabled our teachers to improve their ability to meet the diverse needs of our children, and has significantly improved our Connected Curriculum, enriching the teaching and learning experience at Ravenscote.

TeachMateAI offers 'the power of GPT tailored for UK educators'. It operates on OpenAI's models, but the outputs are enhanced through careful input refinement, model configuration, and extensive training and testing. TeachMateAI includes tutorials and examples within each input field whenutilizing an AI feature, aiding teachers in effectively leveraging the tools.

Rebecca Smye-Rumsby, Year Leader, gave her view on the use of TeachMateAI for lesson planning and resourcing:

“Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised the way I teach. It has truly been a game changer, reducing my workload and saving me countless hours on administrative tasks that have little impact on the children's learning.

One tool in particular, 'Help MeWrite', has become indispensable in my teaching practice. Whether it's updating inclusion targets or creating newsletters, this tool has greatly improved my efficiency and the quality of my written communication. Similarly, the 'Woggle' tool has allowed me to develop tailored models to meet specific learning outcomes for individual students. Another great feature I have found invaluable is the 'Interview' tool. By engaging with characters such as the Highwayman, Mr. Morris Lessmore, and even Henry VII, my students have gained a unique perspective on events. This has truly enhanced their understanding and brought their learning to life. The 'Social Story' tool has also proven its worth by enabling me to develop well-structured and impactful social stories. These stories have served as valuable resources in preparing all my students for upcoming changes, empowering them with the necessary skills to navigate new situations confidently.

Furthermore, I have recently started using the new 'Transcript for YouTube' tool. With this innovative feature, I can easily create a transcript for YouTube videos and generate resources and activities related to the video content. This significantly enhances my students' comprehension and their engagement with their learning. I eagerly anticipate the weekly updates that introduce new tools and functionalities. This ongoing development excites me, as I can incorporate more resources into my lessons and further alleviate my workload in the near future. AI has undoubtedly transformed the way I teach, granting me more time to focus on what truly matters – nurturing the growth and learning of my students.”

TeachMateAI entails a per-user subscription fee. As an educational institution, we believe that the advantages of the app, designed specifically for UK educators and structured into clearly explained tools, justify the financial investment for the school.

The scenario in this case study is genuine and based upon real events and data, however its narration, apart from direct quotations, has been crafted by AI to uphold a standardised and clear format for readers.

Key Learning

TeachMateAI's bespoke platform for UK educators equips teachers with specialised tools tailored to their planning and resource management needs. The application is updated weekly to enhance and expand the range of tools and the breadth of support it offers.


The use of AI in schools serves as a potent tool that assists and directs teachers in their decision-making, offering them essential insights and suggestions. Nonetheless, all resources and teaching materials created by teachers with AI assistance will undergo a review process to verify their factual accuracy and their alignment with the intended teaching objectives and skillsets.