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AI in Action: Elevating Job Prospects in SWAP with Tailored Employment Training

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Case Study
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Christopher Roath

Employability Community Trainer in Further Education

This case study focuses on the integration of AI tools in the Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAP), where adult learners attend a 3-6 week course culminating in a guaranteed job interview. AI applications like ChatGPT, ChatPDF, and Gamma have been instrumental in enhancing CV writing, interview preparation, and presentation skills, significantly boosting learners' employment prospects in sectors including the NHS, Midland Metro, and educational support roles.

AI's role in the SWAP is multifaceted, addressing key areas of employment training and CV Writing with ChatGPT:

Adult learners in SWAP use ChatGPT to develop targeted CVs. The AI's understanding of UK CV formats and its ability to tailor content from specific job descriptions helps learners create impactful, personalised CVs.

Job Application Assistance through ChatPDF:

ChatPDF aids in interpreting job-related documents, enabling learners to better respond to application forms and prepare for interviews, a crucial step for guaranteed interviews with organisations like the NHS and Midland Metro.

Interview Preparation via ChatGPT:

Tailoring practice for various interview formats, ChatGPT prepares learners for diverse scenarios they might encounter, especially in high-stakes interviews post-SWAP.

Presentation Skill Development with Gamma:

Particularly beneficial for roles like Learning Support Workers at the College, Gamma helps in crafting compelling presentations, an essential skill in many job processes.

These AI tools have been pivotal in equipping SWAP learners with the skills and confidence needed for successful employment in various sectors.

The scenario in this case study is genuine and based upon real events and data, however its narration has been crafted by AI to uphold a standardised and clear format for readers.

Key Learning

AI significantly enhances job application quality and interview readiness in SWAP.

Learners achieve tangible employment outcomes in sectors like the NHS and education.

The use of AI in SWAP demonstrates its potential to scale up employment training effectively.

AI tools cater to the specific needs of adult learners, enhancing both digital and practical job-related skills.


Risk of learners becoming overly reliant on AI, potentially impacting their ability to independently tackle job applications.

The challenge of ensuring equitable access to AI tools for all learners in SWAP.

Ensuring the authenticity of AI-assisted applications to reflect individual voices and experiences.

The need for continuous adaptation of AI tools to align with changing employment trends and sector-specific demands.