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AI Integration in Art Curriculum: Boosting Literacy with AI-Generated Worksheets

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Case Study
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Leanne Merson

Assistant Headteacher, Teddington School

An innovative department at a secondary school harnessed the power of AI to streamline the creation of literacy worksheets within the Art curriculum. The resultant AI-produced content not only elevated the learning experience but also significantly saved teachers' time.

Aiming to foster literacy skills within the Art curriculum, the educator recognised a challenge – creating detailed literacy worksheets for various units, each entailing guided readings and comprehension questions, was both time-consuming and cumbersome.

To overcome this, the educator turned to AI. For each unit topic, like "still life", the AI was tasked with generating a cohesive paragraph for guided reading. This paragraph served as a foundation, introducing students to the subject matter in a concise manner. Furthermore, to test comprehension and critical thinking, the AI was also used to produce five relevant questions based on the text.

The educators then took the AI-generated content and presented it in a captivating manner, thereby creating an amalgamation of technology and human touch. The culmination of this effort was an enriching pack of Art-based reading comprehension activities. It not only strengthened literacy across the curriculum but also showcased how AI can be a tool of augmentation in education.

The scenario in this case study is genuine and based upon real events and data, however its narration has been crafted by AI to uphold a standardised and clear format for readers.

Key Learning

AI can be a valuable asset in curriculum design, saving time and ensuring quality.

A combination of AI-generated content and human curation can result in engaging educational materials.

Integrating technology in traditional subjects, like Art, can foster interdisciplinary learning.


Over-reliance on AI may lead to overlooking nuances or errors in content.

Lack of human touch in AI-generated materials might impact students' emotional and cognitive connection.

Regular updating and monitoring are essential to ensure the AI remains aligned with curriculum goals.