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AI-Powered Mock Interviews: Engaging Students in the Study of Business Internationalisation

Sixth Form
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Teaching & Inclusive Practices
Key Stage 5
Case Study
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Chris Goodall

Head of Digital Education, Bourne Education Trust

AI was used to simulate an interview with Jeff Bezos, focusing on the internationalisation of business. This interactive learning method was not only effective in teaching key concepts but also led to enriched classroom discussions and heightened student engagement.

Seeking to elevate classroom engagement during a lesson on the internationalisation of business, AI was used to create a simulated interview experience. The objective was to make the topic more relatable and compelling for students through an interactive"interview" with a business leader, Jeff Bezos in this case. Here’show the AI-assisted mock interview unfolded:

Preparation: The students were asked to come up with questions they would like to ask Jeff Bezos within a span of 5 minutes. This preparatory activity ignited curiosity and initial engagement among students.

AI Role-Playing: ChatGPT was programmed to respond as if it were Jeff Bezos. The teacher then further directed the AI to orient its answers towards the topic of business internationalisation to fit in with the unit of work being studied.

Interactive Session: The questions, posed by the teacher and conceived by the students, were then presented to the AI. Responses were displayed in real-time on a Smartboard,serving as the basis for further discussion and inquiry.

The scenario in this case study is genuine and based upon real events and data, however its narration has been crafted by AI to uphold a standardised and clear format for readers.

Key Learning

The use of AI in role-playing exercises significantly increased student engagement and participation.

The simulated interview offered nuanced insights into business internationalisation, providing a real-world context.

Allowing students to formulate the questions gave them a sense of ownership in their learning journey.


The potential for AI-generated answers to be inaccurate or lacking nuance in the context of business internationalisation.

Teachers must verify the content and be prepared to correct or elaborate as needed.

Technology could overshadow the educational objectives if not executed carefully.