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We Are All Mount-AI-n Guides

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Chris Goodall

Head of Digital Education, Bourne Education Trust

This piece illustrates the journey of integrating AI into education as a challenging mountain climb, emphasising the collective effort required to reach the summit. Drawing parallels between mountaineering roles and the distinct contributions in the educational AI landscape, it introduces the roles of Gamechangers, Uplifters, Implementers, Diplomats, and Evaluators as GUIDEs.

The thought of AI looming over us all in education can be daunting. The challenge can sometimes feel like we are climbing a huge mountain. Like any successful summit attempt, to reach the top requires a team of people.

The team of people all bring different knowledge and skills to the climb. In the AI education era we all have a role to play, we are all GUIDEs. Which role are you playing?

G (Gamechangers): These are the visionaries who create and innovate the ideas for the use of AI in education, mapping out the future landscape. They are like the experienced climbers who map out new routes and reach new peaks which have never been climbed before.

U (Uplifters): These people unlock the potential of AI by providing the resources, training, and guidance for its integration into the classroom. They are like the support team that provide the tools, training and equipment for the climb.

I (Implementers): These are the trailblazers who take the initial brave steps to implement AI in their teaching methods, testing new ideas. They are like the climbers taking the first steps on the newly mapped trails, showing others the climb can be done and how.

D (Diplomats): These educators bridge the gap between AI in the classroom and the traditional classroom, ensuring a smooth transition and balance between the two approaches. They help discern when AI should or should not be used. They are more cautious and use their experience to ensure that the risks are minimised on the climb.

E (Evaluators): These people maintain a critical eye on the overall process, assessing the effectiveness and ethical considerations of implementing AI in education. They are perhaps the AI sceptics. They are the safety team watching the weather and conditions and warning of any real dangers that could mean the climb is called off or postponed for another day.

The forthcoming disruption to education is going to require careful navigation and people are right to be wary and feel uncertainty as you would looking up at Everest from base camp. But as a team of Gamechangers, Uplifters, Implementers, Diplomats and Evaluators we can reach the summit together as GUIDEs.

When things seem overwhelming I remind myself about one of my favourite quotes, "These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb" - Najwa Zebian

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