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Prompt Examples in Copilot 365

Sixth Form
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Joe Cozens

Transformation & AI Lead

Prompt Description

Below are a number of prompts that can be used across a variety of different Microsoft platforms using Copilot 365
Note: Prompts are provided strictly for experimentation. Users must remain cognisant of potential risks when applying them. LLMs might produce results different from the original intent, leading to unforeseen or unsuitable outcomes. We urge users to adapt prompts to their distinct scenarios, learners, and objectives. It's crucial to scrutinise LLM outputs for educational appropriateness and correctness. Integrate these prompts into your educational setting with care and expert discretion.

Microsoft Whiteboard

"Design a task for my lesson teaching students about plant and animal cells".


"Design a presentation to help me teach 11-year-old students about plant and animal cells, with one slide on mitosis and the learning objectives on the first slide".

Word into PowerPoint

"Design a lesson plan, worksheet and detailed notes on the topic of oxbow lakes in Bristol for a level geography" - Link Prompt into PowerPoint Copilot "Create a presentation from this file"


"Please tell me which pupils have scored the highest EAP on average and in the autumn assessment"

"Please tell me which pupils scored the lowest in the Mock 1 EAP"

"What is the average EAP for students with an SEN status of none"

"Please now compare this data with that of pupils with a Scholars status of Y"

"Did students which have a gender male do better in the mock 1 EAP or the autumn assessment and compare this to gender female"


"Telling the headteacher that the school has been awarded the green flag prize again"

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