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Prompt Examples for Teaching Part 2

Sixth Form
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Joe Cozens

Transformation & AI Lead

Prompt Description

Below are 4 prompts that can be used to support staff when working with Copilot for Marking & Feedback.
Note: Prompts are provided strictly for experimentation. Users must remain cognisant of potential risks when applying them. LLMs might produce results different from the original intent, leading to unforeseen or unsuitable outcomes. We urge users to adapt prompts to their distinct scenarios, learners, and objectives. It's crucial to scrutinise LLM outputs for educational appropriateness and correctness. Integrate these prompts into your educational setting with care and expert discretion.

"Please give a recommended mark for this essay out of 15, the question the pupil is answering is..............., from the June 2021AQA GCSE Biology Exam"

"Please read this marking guidance for giving feedback to pupils" (Have the marking guidance on your screen), "Please now provide recommended feedback for this essay using the marking guidance."

"Please provide recommended feedback on the English (UK) used by this pupil, include feedback on their grammar and creative language"

"Please provide feedback for a pupils answer to this maths question..........., based on this answer..............."

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